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EVENT: Social Networking 2009 (AVEALMEC / ARCALL)


Forum: Second Life, Social Networks and ELT





Second life is a one of the most popular virtual worlds on Internet. Its creators and owners claim Second life has taken social networking to a new level. It has got an apparent successful economy (“US$1 billion has been transacted between Residents in Second Life) Facebook and MySpace do not have. Also, Second Life residents spend a quite considerable amount of time there (“about 100 minutes inworld per visit”). Voice chat has been delivered in about 6 billion minutes in 2009 alone. This can make second Life engaging since it facilitates by means of an avatar the possibility of connecting, communicating, sharing, collaborating in a way some other collaborative web 2.0 tools don’t do so far. It sort of mimics a game which is not and allows the user to create his/her own persona. Second life is being currently used to engage students to learn foreign languages.

This forum on Second life aims at reflecting on the power of virtual world to connect with others and its potential in offering people different and more authentic experiences to learn. This forum is related to connectives, communities of practice and professional development.


  1. Have you ever used Second Life to meet and connect with people? If so what your experience has been so far? Is Second Life really taking social networking to a new, different level?
  2. What about teaching foreign languages in this virtual world? Have you heard about any successful experiences in-world? What advantages or disadvantages Second Life have got to teach a foreign language?


To help you answer these questions, watch and listen to this interview Orwell Mineff (Miguel Mendoza) made to Daf Smirnov (Dafne González) in Second Life on this issue.


Part 1




Part 2



Part 3



Part 4



Part 5




Guided Tour around Ciudad Bonita

Click on the link below to choose either Staurday 7th (10:30 GMT) or Sunday 8th (22:00 GMT) to visit Ciudad Bonita. This tour will be guided by Daf Smirnov (Dafne González)

I would like to visit Ciudad Bonita...

Here's the URL:

Ciudad Bonita

First timer in Second Life? Read the following document:

Instructions for Second Life


Photos of the tour



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